About the Artist

Silver Hammered ChainI trained as a sculptor and art historian and lectured at Edinburgh College of Art for 25 years. A few years ago, I changed direction and studied jewellery design and manufacture at Carnegie College in Fife, later at the Sir John Cass Dept of London Metropolitan University. I have been exhibiting as a jewellery designer-maker since the 2005 Edinburgh Festival. My studio workshop is in a converted stable in Fife, Scotland.

I specialise in handmade bespoke jewellery that asserts the wearer's individuality. No two pieces are the same. These one-off statement pieces are often sculptural, bold and dramatic, combining striking design in silver and/ or gold with a wide variety of unusual semi-precious stones. Handcrafted elements complement the colours and shapes of the stones. I use natural materials and avoid stones which have been dyed or treated. I particularly enjoy making chunky neckpieces.

Some pieces are made in silver only, perhaps with gold details. Contemporary techniques such as photoetching and fold-forming are used along with traditional methods of forming the metal.

I exhibit regularly in galleries and welcome commissions.

Winner of the 2007 Russell Trust Award at Visual Arts Scotland.

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Jewellery Care

Avoid contact with perfume (can stain); some stones might fracture if knocked against a hard surface (including other stones); ensure stones are not under a seatbelt or bag strap at the shoulder; avoid transit in the hold of an aircraft; pack with care to avoid sharply folding the necklace (may kink/fracture the stringing material). Annual restringing recommended (depending on wear). Enjoy.

Jewellery Cleaning

Most jewellery can be cleaned with a dual polishing cloth available from many High Street jewellers - this incorporates a cloth for polishing and one for removing residue. However, do not use this on satinised silver as it would eventually polish up the surface. Satinised silver can be cleaned by using a soft wet toothbrush with neat washing-up liquid and rinsing off, patting dry, then finishing with a hairdrier. If the piece is all silver/ gold it can be immersed in a proprietory jewellery cleaner for the recommended time (usually 2 minutes max.). Be cautious about using a polishing cloth on oxidised silver as it can partially melt or smear the oxidisation.